• Educational Consultant

    Carole is available by appointment on an hourly basis. She will walk
    along side you in the areas of your need. Topics may include:
    home schooling, nutrition, parenting and home library building.

    In addition to educational consulting, Carole will partner with you in the development of your life skills. This could include spiritual mentoring,
    health & fitness issues, home organization and family dynamics.

    To schedule an appointment, please contact:

  • New DVD Workshop

    In her first DVD release, Carole introduces you to her literature-based homeschool curriculum, covering topics from instilling the love of literature in your children to building custom curricula: all in a way that is simple, affordable, and enjoyable.

    Available April 8th from Compass Cinema.

  • Cooking with Carole

    The types of food we put into our bodies not only affects our physical, mental and spiritual health, it directly impacts your child's ability to learn. If your family's health is a concern, you are navigating food allergies and sensitivities, or if you simply need easy, delicious and affordable meal recommendations, Carole can help.

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  • Store

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  • Upcoming Seminars

    Sunday, April 12; Loma Linda, CA
    A Literature Based Approach to Education

    Loma Linda University Church
    11125 Campus Street
    Loma Linda, CA 92354

    $45.00 Online Early Bird Pricing!

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